Travel Portal Development

Travel Portal Development is a process of creating website for the travel agencies or travel agents. There are a large number of solution providers in the thriving travel industry, making up the websites and at the best rates. What makes us different from others is our expertise into travel portal development, we create customised and well integrated websites for travel agencies.

XML Integration

It is a known fact that the travel and tourism industry in India is budding exponentially at a fast pace. There are only few powerful market heroes when it comes to travel management agencies which consume such huge market of the travelling industry. Amongst this, we can help you to become one of those superb market powers, we provide customized and updated Tourism Portal Development services.

CMS Website for Travel Agencies

The content of the website is the soul of the website and handling the same can become a tedious and nerving task. We are there to make it simpler for you to control the content visible in your website.

Airline Reservation System

In this web based application, we integrate the API link to the Airline opted by the client, this helps in fetching online inventory of Air Tickets from the back end so that it can be put on the front end of the application.

Hotel Reservation System

Our Hotel reservation system application searches the API management of the hotels. As the user picks out a particular preferred hotel, then he/she is taken to the information page where the details of the travellers or the guests have to be filled.

Car Rental Software

This application integrates with API’s of car rental agencies. We offer the options of the best of travel agencies available in a particular city.

Bus Reservation System

There are various bus agencies, private as well as joint ventured, some online forums offering buses, all this is integrated into a single platform of the bus reservations software.

Internet Marketing

It is a polygamous term for online marketing, it is primarily a procedure involving various online features for any to every venture:

  • Promotion of a brand/products or services
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-customer relationship management
  • Promotional activities which are done via wireless media.
Real Time Web Analytics