XML Integration

It is a known fact that the travel and tourism industry in India is budding exponentially at a fast pace. There are only few powerful market heroes when it comes to travel management agencies which consume such huge market of the travelling industry. Amongst this, we can help you to become one of those superb market powers, we provide customized and updated Tourism Portal Development services.

The XML documents are too self-describing, XML offers a platform autonomous means to explain data and can port data from one platform to another. These are created and used by applications.

Various e-commerce applications use content from various avenues and requires to be integrated. In simple terms, it is the mapping of the data from various sources.

Using the best ever technique of XML, you can benefit from inventories and other travel XML API services which is provided by the 3rd party, by having a quick and easy XML API integration.

We offer ample choices to the customers ranging from the XML API booking of flight, car, hotel and insurance. You can also access both the GDS and external content with XML integration white label services.

It acts as a connector which acts as a "translator" connecting customers and suppliers allocating varied programming languages (usually XML) to be compatible.

Using XML data from a hotel provider, an airline, a shipping company, a railway company, Rent a Car is available in your website of travel agency, that is possible even if they have the database information differently structured.

In short, what it does is:

  • Centralize inventory management
  • Personal savings
  • Increase distribution channels