Car Booking (Car Rental Software)

This application integrates with API’s of car rental agencies. We offer the options of the best of travel agencies available in a particular city. Our emphasis is on the user’s susceptibility of preferred searches among the car rental agencies. As the process, car selection is done, there and then the segment is redirected to the payment gateway.

One cannot take his/her own vehicles for long distance and left with almost nil options in new places. The issue crops up when they are new to place and have no idea of public transport, even if they know, they find it inconvenient, here pops in the car rental services. It is a service available in almost all the major cities of India and abroad. It is a common and most used phenomenon. Not just used in leisure trips, but for official/business trips, this service is preferred these days. Online car rental system of ours, connect all the needy travellers to agencies offering such services.

The car rental service agents usually ask for ID proof from the travellers and take nominal charges, according to hours, days or weeks, even sometimes for months as well. The travel agencies link up these local agencies to the travellers and we provide the platform to unite all, making it easy for the travel agents strike a deal in car rental service.