Airline Reservation System

In this web based application, we integrate the API link to the Airline opted by the client, this helps in fetching online inventory of Air Tickets from the back end so that it can be put on the front end of the application. On the other hand, once you pick a flight for journey, you are instantly taken to the payment gateway for deposit account or direct payment.

It is a term specifically used in sectors of PSS that is the passenger service system. These applications are the online network of the airline inventories. This has evolved with the onset if the CRS, which is the computer reservation system. Primarily used for reservation system, this interface with the GDS (Global Distribution System), which sustain the requisite reservation channel integration for travel agencies and various distribution networks? It is used for various tell-tale aces like checking for the airlines schedules, tariffs, reservation and ticket booking history.

The travel agencies assess the same GDS network, which is used by the airlines for their reservation system. All of this is transmitted by the standard messaging system. As the airline reservation is venture centralized applications. The functionality and structure is intricately made, complex it is. But it is reduced into some easy steps by the P I Infosoft for your better usability.