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(Anjulika Ghoshal - Dec 16, 2016)

Many e-commerce ventures are providing value added services through a system operated chat tool, which is delivering technological intelligence. Chat bots are common phenomena, you must have heard of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant?

In easy terms they are the conversational type information delivering tool. Various business sites are seeking help of such tool, to make websites user friendly and active for customers. Instead of reading and taking help of static information, dynamic information is embedded making the websites easy to handle.

The Indian AI solutions company which is popular by the name Niki.AI. had helped many by their similar operating tool, the SDK or the software development tool.

It is a small handy, a 1 MB unit, the SDK strap up the Language Processing plus the Machine Learning technologies.This allows various multitudes of brands to upgrade the app experience, augment customer retention, make new clients and monetize the customer unit etc.

Other than HDFC bank and Oxygen e-wallet, the famous bus booking service Ticket goose are using this chat bot technology to swell sales.

OYO which has become a brand name for the network of accommodation it offers that too at affordable rates are in a partnership with the Niki. AI group to allow the users a system where they can get an OYO room booked with chat.

Sachin Jaiswal is the CEO of Niki.AI, according to him; they are making artificial intelligence available to all, be it ventures or consumers. This chat interface is actually an aid for many who access the online world.

This company also provides free apps for multi usability. From bills, to hotels, to events, experience more than life treatment with Niki.AI and its new software development kit.

Improve your travel world with this chat bot fun!

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